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Keyword research is an essential component to any digital marketing strategy. Not only is it crucial for SEO and PPC, but it also helps your website deliver a clear and precise message to your user about your service or products.
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  • 1) We create a seed list of keywords or phrases that are related to your niche or industry;
  • 2) We expand this list using our keyword research tools;
  • 3) We refine that list with competitive research.

When this process is done correctly, your website will start ranking for relevant and intent-driven keywords and phrases that will deliver healthy organic traffic to your website. This will ensure that potential customers will find your business through organic searches.

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We perform comprehensive audits to identify and fix technical issues that may be hindering your website’s ability to rank highly in the search engines. Fixing these technical issues makes your website more accessible to search engine robots, and also helps provide a positive experience for your website’s visitors. This process includes crawlability; content; images; links; accessibility and coding. Any identified issues are reported as errors; warnings; or notices.

You will receive a detailed report outlining identified problems and recommendations. One of our technical specialists will walk you through the entire report and help you understand what improvements are required, and what we can help with.

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Improving your website’s ranking in search engines should be an essential component of your business’s marketing plan. Search Engine Optimisation can help deliver your services to the needs of customers and improve the likelihood of them finding you online. We follow proven set practices that allows your website to rank higher against similar websites competing against you in the search results. Our practices make your website more relevant and authoritative when compared to your competitors, hence giving your business a big boost to the top.

Part of our strategy involves understanding your customer’s behaviour and their likely trigger points for converting them into leads. We study heat maps on your website to understand this behaviour, and then make conversion rate optimisations to ensure your website traffic turns into customer enquires and leads. We strategically rank your website for “money” or “buyer intent” keywords related to your particular product or service in its given niche or industry. Combining these best practices and strategies ensures your website and business receives the most relevant and qualified customer enquires and leads.

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On/Off Page

Our overall Search Engine Optimisation strategy can be broken down into on-page and off-page SEO. Both of these are crucial to the success of your SEO campaign. To understand how they work in unison is to understand how the the search engines and their algorithms work. Luckily for you this is an area where we are highly experienced and excel. We begin your campaign with on-page ranking factors and ensure that your website is optimised for optimal keywords. After these improvements have been made, and your website has been re-crawled by the search engine robots, we commence boosting your website’s trust and authority with them.

Boosting your website’s ranking authority involves creating content that other websites provide their “vote of authority” for. This works by creating online “chatter” about your site, which tells the search engines your website is well liked and popular. Because of this, your website will be rewarded with higher rankings in the search engines, and you will generate more customer enquires and leads than your competitors.

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Conversion Rate

Conversion rate optimisation involves using A/B split tests to gather data on your website’s visitors' behaviour, and making necessary changes to improve the conversion aspect. A big part of this involves understanding your customer’s motivation and buying intent. We have perfected this over the years to produce conversion improvements to websites that many of our peers would envy. We provide a win-win experience - your customers get a great experience on your website, and you get higher conversions by way of more customer enquires and leads.

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Now that your website is optimised for search engines, it is time to review the data and see which areas need improvement. By analysing our results, we can see which keywords have seen the best results, and which keywords need further optimisation. We work with you to find any missed opportunities to boost the campaign, or quick wins that will help raise your return on investment.

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